What are the general categories of Turtle Stamps?

What are the general categories of turtle stamps? Why it is important for stamp collectors to know about them?


Stamp collecting is an exciting hobby that allows people to demonstrate their passion and tastes for different collected items. Topical stamp collecting such as turtle stamps helps hobbyist collectors personalize their collection by adding turtle stamps of varying styles, designs, colors, and historical significance.

Collecting these stamps could be a pleasant addition to your topical stamp collecting or a separate rewarding hobby.

The term stamp doesn’t refer only to individual postage stamps but also includes other philatelic items such as postal stationery, envelopes with postage printed on them, and booklets of stamps with turtles printed on the front or rear cover of the booklet.

The individuals who are new to stamp collecting may get surprised to know about how many stamps have been issued depicting a turtle and tortoise or relating to turtle and tortoise in some way.

Based on the turtle picture printed on a stamp, they can be classified into numerous categories. Knowing about these natural turtle stamp categories can help you to diversify and personalize your collection. The following paragraphs shed light on some basic categories of turtle stamps.

Realistic turtle stamps

These stamps contain a realistic picture of the turtle on their faces, and the turtle is the primary object on the postage stamp. With this type of stamp, you can identify the turtle by direct examination of the stamp.

The stamp collectors whose interest lies in collecting these realistic turtle stamps have a wide variety to choose from. Many stamps in this category bear a sea turtle, but one can find stamps depicting other species of turtle and tortoise.

Canada Turtel Stamp
turtle stamp collecting
USA turtle stamps

Stamps that include turtles

In this category, a turtle is on the stamps, but the turtle does is not the central theme of the picture. Examples include illustrations that depict numerous animals with a small turtle or tortoise.

A few stamps in this category depict children at play, one of them playing with a turtle. The turtle appears only as a minor part of the overall settings on these stamps. Despite this, these stamps are referred to as turtle stamps.

Turtle Stamp with Children Playing
Cartoon turtle

Cartoon turtle stamps

The next category contains stamps on which illustrations do not depict a real turtle or represent a specific species. You may find turtle stamps with cartoon figures of turtles and toy turtles in this category.

Mythological turtle stamps

Turtle stamp collectors may find stamps in this category that illustrate some mythology or folklore. These stamps involving one or more turtles and other characters intend to highlight some popular myth or folklore.

Turtle stamps without turtles

As the name explains, this category contains stamps that do not have a turtle or tortoise on them at all. But they are related to chelonians in some way. For example, Korea has issues showing ‘tortoise ships’, and similarly, some Chinese stamps depict different items made from turtle shells.

Reptiles turtle stamps

The final category shows postal items that illustrate other reptiles along with turtles. On these stamps, the turtle or tortoise is a minor part of the overall depiction.

The turtles belong to the reptile family, so there is a natural interest in collecting stamps that depict reptiles on their faces.

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Final words

The above-listed information could help you to understand the available types of turtle stamps. Whether you are interested in one or more categories, this information could serve as a framework to help you collect suitable turtle stamps for your collection.

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