China, People’s Republic


SC 530

8f 02 Sep 60 Turtle Tower Lake of the Returning Sword in Hanoi, Vietnam w/ Turtle Tower prominent in center of stamp. The Lake of the Returning Sword has to do w/ a Vietnamese legend involving a large turtle and a sword.

SC 2210

30f 25 Mar 89 Fanciful Turtle Two tiny, turtle-like animals w/ white carapaces and long tails, on a silk painting excavated from Han Tomb #1 at Mawangdui, Changsha.

SC 2211

$5 25 Mar 89 Fanciful Turtle Mini sheet comprising total designs of #2208-#2210 (the entire painting).

SC 2586

500f 20 Jul 95 Turtle Rock & Lighthouse S/S showing Taihu Lake in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. A large rock known as "Turtle Rock" or "Turtle Island" is depicted and "Turtle Head Island Lighthouse" appears in the lower right corner. Information regarding the name of the island comes from a German description of the stamp on the internet.

SC 2586 a

500f 24 Mar 97 Turtle Rock This is Scott China 2586 o/p'd (in Chinese) "Hong Kong Returns to China PJZ-5".

SC 2717

20f 02 Sep 96 Unidentified Plastron Chinese inscription on ancient turtle plastron from Shang dynasty.

SC 3326

60f 13 Dec 03 Small, Crude Turtle Square plate w/ turtle and fish patterns. Turtle is very small and difficult to discern, even w/ magnification. From set depicting bronze wares of Eastern Zhou Dynasty. Chinese postal authorities confirm the presence of a turtle on this plate.

SC 3561 var.

1.20 09 Feb 07 Unidentified Plastron Sheet of twelve stamps and twelve tabs. Left margin of sheet has a drawing of a plastron with inscriptions on it. This is an example of a practice called pyromancy in which bone or a plastron was heated and then used to divine the future. When a plastron was used, it was called plastromancy, a special type of pyromancy. Scott footnotes various sheets but not this one.

SC 3561 var.

1.20 09 Feb 07 Unidentified Plastron All the labels on this sheet are on plastrons and contain writing in oracle bone script.

SC 4114

1.20 Yuan 01 Jun 13 Cartoon turtles Little Tadpoles Looking for Their Mother. Strip of 5. Two cartoon turtles on stamp

SC 4383

.80y 13 July 16 Unidentified Plastron One stamp from set of 3 is a plastron with writing in oracle bone script. Set is of Yin Ruin.

SC 4540

1.20y 26 May 18 Stylized turtle From Ancient Chinese Scientists set. The turtle is on the second stamp from the left near the bottom.

SC 4645

80y 6 Aug 19 Stylized turtle One stamp from set of Ancient Chinese Mythology

SC 4857

Various  3 Dec 21  Chelonia mydas  Sheet of Protected animals. Turtles on one stamp

SC 4905 (SC 4903 individual stamp)

1.20y  5 Aug 22  Turtle figure M/s of Chinese seal carving, turtle on one stamp.

60 1999 Unidentified Plastron Postal card w/ stamp printed directly on it. Both stamp & cachet depict ancient bone fragment and plastron used for divination. Issued on the centenary of the discovery of the oracle bone inscriptions. 

80f 13 Dec 03 Small, Crude Turtle Sheet of eight identical stamps (SC 3328) depicting a metal vessel w/ three legs. Bottom selvedge depicts the same square plate depicted on China Scott #3326. Turtle difficult to discern even w/ magnification. Chinese postal authorities confirm the presence of a turtle on this plate. Footnoted by Scott.

80f 31 Jul 04 Unidentified Chelonian Sheet of sixteen Scott China #3375 w/ a pink peony on each. Each stamp has a tab beneath it. Four identical tabs depict a crudely drawn turtle facing left. Other tabs depict a snake and two different pictures of foliage. Left margin of sheet depicts an old man w/ a hiking staff who may be gathering herbs for folk medicine. There are no turtles on the stamps; only on the tabs. Sheet footnoted by Scott.

80 06 Nov 05 Cartoon Turtles Sheet of 12 identical stamps and 10 labels. Labels MAY be available for personalization but the default pictures on the labels all show children in various activities. Two labels show children at the beach w/ cartoon turtles. Issued for International Children's Day. Design on all 12 stamps consists of 12 red circles, each containing a cartoon human figure and an animal (representing the Chinese signs of the zodiac?). The stamps are Scott China, People's Republic of #3460. The sheet (and therefore the labels) are not listed by Scott.

80 Unknown Chelonia mydas Sheet of sixteen identical stamps w/ red design that looks like a decorative knot. A tab is attached to the right side of each stamp. One tab depicts Chelonia mydas. Each tab inscribed "novozymes". In recent years PRC has issued many sheets w/ stamps depicting the same decorative red knot. They have different numbers of stamps in the sheet, different layouts, different marginal decorations and different tab designs. Not all have turtles. (See Linn's Stamp News, 26 Dec 2011, pg. 36 for further discussion of these sheets).

80 Two Unident. Species Sheet of sixteen identical stamps w/ red design that looks as if it may be woven out of yarn. Tab attached to bottom of each stamp. Left margin of sheet w/ prehistoric scene including two unidentified turtles. One may be Archelon and the other a tortoise. These MAY be personalized stamps in which the buyer supplies the pictures to be printed on the tabs.

China, People’s Republic Turtle Stamps


This catalog includes all stamps with turtles on them from the People’s Republic of China.

This turtle stamp collection includes turtles of varying styles and sizes. The first type of turtle stamps contains realistic images of turtles and the turtle is the primary objective in the depiction. The second type of stamp has turtle as only a minor part of the overall illustration. Such stamps also depict other reptiles and animals.

For turtle stamp collectors looking to add some stylized, cartooned, and realistic pictures of turtles, this catalog can offer them interesting options to consider for their collections. The stamps in this catalog could help you make your collection as personalized as you wish.