SC 1136

50g 01 Jun 63 Emys orbicularis

SC 3592

2zi 10 Jul 01 Unidentified Tortoise S/S of 1 stamp w/ many animals in selvedge. Tortoise in foreground at bottom center. Map of world on stamp. Inscribed "CITES". No turtle on stamp, only in selvedge.

SC 4682

3.90z  21 Jun 23  Cartoon turtle  Mascots of the European Games

1z 1977 Cartoon Turtle This is a postal card w/ the postage printed directly on it. Month of issue is probably August.

1.20z Unknown Emys orbicularis Postal card w/ stamp printed directly on it. Stamp has photograph of head and anterior part of carapace. Card inscribed "Poleski Park Narodowy" and has photograph of turtle on land.

1z Cartoon turtle Postal card showing cartoon animals