Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


SC 327

1000tl 30 Jun 92 Chelonia mydas

SC 328

1500tl 30 Jun 92 Caretta caretta

SC 328 a

See * 30 Jun 92 C. mydas & C. caretta Mini sheet w/ two each of the 1992 sea turtle stamps. * Denominations are 1000tl and 1500tl.

SC 539

250,000l 27 Mar 02 Unidentified Sea Turtle Sea turtle swimming towards right, underwater. From a set of four underwater scenes issued to promote tourism.

SC 590

50YKr 15 Feb 05 Cartoon Turtle Map of Cyprus and cartoon turtle wearing academic regalia (cap and gown). "www.studyinnorthcyprus.org" inscribed in bold letters across bottom of stamp.

SC 708

2 liras 18 Apr 11 Caretta caretta Apostolos Andreas monastery w/ small turtle in lower left corner of stamp. From Tourism set of four stamps.

SC 821, 822a

1.50YTL 31 Jul 18 Mauremys rivulata One stamp from Protected Animals set of two. Also available as s/s.