New Caledonia


SC 437

30fr 20 May 78 Stylized Turtle

SC 452

23fr 12 Jan 80 Unidentified Sea Turtle

SC 669

120fr 23 Feb 93 Unidentified Sea Turtle

SC 723 a

N/A 24 Aug 95 Unidentified Sea Turtle S/S of six stamps and one label. The turtle is on a small circular logo at the bottom right corner of the label. Label is imprinted "260f" but this is the value of the entire sheet, including the six stamps. It is NOT the value of the label itself, which has no denomination.

SC 881

135f 11 Oct 01 Unidentified Sea Turtle Various sea animals, including a turtle, around a transparent submersible vessel.

SC 899

Various 15 May 02 Four Diff. Sea Turtles Sheet of four stamps w/ a sea turtle on each. Entire sheet is die cut into the shape of a sea turtle.

SC 899 a

30f 15 May 02 Caretta caretta Swimming underwater, directly toward viewer. From Scott New Caledonia #899.

SC 899 b

70f 15 May 02 Eretmochelys imbricata Swimming downward and to right. From Scott New Caledonia #899.

SC 899 c

70f 15 May 02 Dermochelys coriacea Swimming downward and to right. From Scott New Caledonia #899.

SC 899 d

30f 15 May 02 Chelonia mydas Swimming upward and to left. From Scott New Caledonia #899.

SC 899 e

Various 24 Oct 03 Four Sea Turtle Species Scott New Caledonia #899 o/p'd "Coupe du monde 2003" and "Champion du monde" in upper and lower margins respectively. Entire sheet is die cut in the shape of a sea turtle.

SC 954

505f 10 Nov 04 Stylized Sea Turtle Small stylized sea turtle in painting entitled "Tradimodernition" by Nathalie Deschamps. Right selvedge inscribed "Tradimodernition". Turtle is on a leaf-like object.

SC 964

110f 20 Jul 05 Unidentified Sea Turtle Mini sheet of two 110f stamps, one w/ a black tip reef shark and the other w/ a nurse shark. Turtle in margin of sheet swimming over coral. No turtles on stamps. Each stamp inscribed "Aquarium de Noumea".

SC 1000

190f 11 Sep 06 Unidentified Sea Turtle Semi-realistic drawing of turtle on left side of stamp, palm trees on right. Starfish scattered over bottom half of stamp. Inscribed "Conference du PROE". Commemorates a conference of the South Pacific Regional Environment Program held from 7 Sept through 11 Sept 2006 in Noumea.

SC 1060

110f 06 Nov 08 Unidentified Turtle Simple, child-like drawing of a turtle, a dolphin and a lizard-like creature in the foreground w/ a white bird flying overhead. This is the 2008 Christmas stamp as evidenced by a banner in the lower right corner inscribed "Joyeux Noel".

SC 1062

75fr 12 Dec 08 Unidentified Sea Turtles S/S of six stamps w/ birds, fish, snake, dugong, turtles and whale. Lagoons of New Caledonia inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

SC 1062 c

75fr 12 Dec 08 Unidentified Sea Turtles Individual stamp w/ turtles from Scott New Caledonia #1062. Depicts three turtles from Beautemps-Beaupre Zone.

SC 1066

180fr 14 May 09 Carved Wooden Turtle Wooden sculpture of a kneeling human figure w/ a turtle on its back. Sculpture is titled "Tortoise Carrier" or "Tortoise Bearer" by Tein Thavouvace.

SC 1105

110f 03 Nov 10 Unidentified Sea Turtle Depicts tree sprouting from planet earth plus turtle, birds, butterflies, fish, lizard and marine mammals. Issued for Year of Biodiversity. Inscribed "Annee de la Biodiversite".

SC 1106 var.

110f 03 Nov 10 Cartoon Sea Turtle Sheet of ten identical Christmas stamps w/ various sea animals and Christmas-related items in the margins. A cartoon sea turtle wearing a Santa Claus hat is in the margin in the lower left corner of the sheet. Scott does not assign a separate number to the sheet but each stamp is #1106. There are no turtles on the stamps themselves. Each stamp depicts Santa in a sea shell "sleigh" drawn by four red sea horses.

SC 1114

75f 05 Aug 11 Chelonia mydas Turtle on beach facing right plus map of islands. A pane of ten of these stamps has six additional green turtles in margin.

75f 05 Aug 11 Chelonia mydas Pane of ten identical stamps w/ a green turtle and a map on each - stamp is SC 1114. Six additional green turtles in sheet margin. Top margin of sheet inscribed "Zone d'Ouvea et Beautemps-Beaupre".

SC 1150

110F 07 Mar 13 Chelonia mydas Single stamp titled Zone Des Recifs d'Entrecasteaux. Small sea turtle in lower right. Also issued as sheet of 10.

SC 1153

75F 07 Jun 13 Cartoon Turtle PIROPS stamp, which appears to be the mascot of the French Red Cross disaster response program in New Caledonia

SC 1156

110F 08 Jun 13 Chelonia mydas Booklet of 10 stamps showing the New Caledonian lagoon. Green turtle on one stamp.

SC 1156 d

110F 08 Jun 13 Chelonia mydas Individual stamp from SC 1156

SC 1194

75 F 5 Jun 15 Stylized turtle From set of three children's drawings.

SC 1203

110 F 6 Nov 15 Various M/s of 4 sea turtles, Caretta caretta, Eretmochelys imbricata, Chelonia mydas and Dermochelys coriacea.

SC 1212

110F 10 Jun 16 Chelonia mydas Natural Park of the Coral Sea issue.

SC 1231

110F 7 Jul 17 Drawing of sea turtle Small turtle in selvedge of sheet of stamps showing The Natal ocean liner

SC 1252

110f 14 Mar 19 Stylized turtle New Caledonia's lagoons

SC 1278

180f  1 Sep 21 Unidentified turtle  Tiny turtle on coin in upper right

SC 1300

460f  15 Sep 23  Stylized sea turtle  Jean Lèques, the country's first Governor

SC C 145

35fr 19 Aug 78 Stylized Turtle The Hare and the Tortoise. Carapace is made up of stamps.

SC C 282

95fr 08 Jan 97 Meiolania mackayi An extinct "Horned" Turtle from the Pleistocene.

Various 21 Jun 98 Primative Style Drawing Booklet consisting of four booklet panes (788a thru 791a) plus a front and back cover. Tiny primitive style drawing of a sea turtle on back cover near upper right corner. No turtles on stamps. * Scott mentions the complete booklet and shows a price but does not assign a separate number to it.

100f 27 Apr 01 Unidentified Sea Turtle Sheet containing five each of three different stamps (five strips of three), all depicting chambered nautiluses. Inscribed "Aquarium de Noumea". Turtle in selvedge of sheet. No turtles on stamps. Scott lists a strip of three of these stamps as New Caledonia # 872, but every strip does not have the turtle in the selvedge.

100f 22 Nov 04 Stylized Sea Turtle Sheet of ten identical stamps picturing family around fire receiving visitors. Each stamp also depicts various domestic and wild animals. Turtle in bottom left margin of sheet, not on stamps. Christmas issue. Scott has assigned the number 955 to each individual stamp in the sheet but has not assigned a number to to the entire sheet, which has the turtle in the margin.