SC 1894

Various 03 Jun 02 Unidentified Sea Turtle S/S of four stamps of various denoms issued for 250th anniversary of Schonbrunn Zoo. Turtle on one stamp only.

SC 1894 c

0.87e 03 Jun 02 Unidentified Sea Turtle Lion, turtle, crocodilian, antelope. Single stamp w/ turtle from Scott Austria #1894.

SC 2070

0.55Eur 06 Nov 06 Emys orbicularis Adult on land facing three-quarters right. Every fifth stamp on roll is numbered on the back. Inscribed "Europaische sumpfschildkrote" in very small letters.

SC 2234

0.55e 24 Nov 09 Stylized turtle Set of 3 issued for 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. Also issued as M/s. Turtle on stamp in the middle.

SC 2998

210c  29 Jun 22  Stylized sea turtle  Painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo entitled
 "Wasser"; turtle is underneath the pearls