SC 879

$4 25 Apr 80 Unidentified Sea Turtle This is a block of 30 different alphabet stamps, one of which shows a sea turtle.

SC 879 a

$4 25 Apr 80 Unidentified Sea Turtle Single stamp w/ turtle from Scott Colombia #879.

SC 1153

1.300p 16 Apr 99 Three Sea Turtles Strip of three stamps w/ a different sea turtle on each one. Turtles are: C. mydas, D. coriacea, and E. inbricata. Date from MI catalog.

SC 1153 a

1.300p 16 Apr 99 Chelonia mydas From Scott Colombia 1153. Date from MI catalog.

SC 1153 b

1.300p 16 Apr 99 Dermochelys coriacea From Scott Colombia 1153. Date from MI catalog.

SC 1153 c

1.300p 16 Apr 99 Eretmochelys imbricata From Scott Colombia 1153. Date from MI catalog.

SC 1184

$2.300 01 Feb 02 Four Different Turtles Sheet of eight $2.300 stamps w/ numerous plants and animals. Turtles on four of the stamps. Sheet inscribed "Riquezas Naturales de Colombia".

SC 1184 a

$2.300 01 Feb 02 Dermochelys coriacea With flying bird and other undersea creatures.

SC 1184 b

$2.300 01 Feb02 Unidentified Sea Turtle With flying condor.

SC 1184 c

$2.300 01 Feb 02 Unidentified Sea Turtle With undersea creatures.

SC 1184 h

$2.300 01 Feb 02 Unident. River Turtle With Victoria lily, crocodilian, and pink river dolphin.

SC 1316

$1.700 24 Jul 09 Unidentified Sea Turtle S/S of twelve stamps arranged in three vertical rows w/ vertical gutters between the rows. Sheet inscribed "Departamentos de Colombia" and "La Guajira". Small sea turtle in gutter between the stamps in the "h" position and the "i" position. No turtles on stamps.

SC 1423

20000 P 14 Jul 15 Mesoclemmys dahli From a set of seven endangered species. One stamp shows Dahl's toad-headed turtle.

SC 1539

$500 6 Jun 20  Podocnemis expansa One stamp from National Parks issue

SC 1607

$1000  21 Jun 22

 Podocnemis lewyana  Sheet of 12 stamps and 8 labels issued for Department of Cordoba. Turtle on one label.

SC 1609 g  

2000p 19 Jul 22  Dermochelys coriacea One stamp from sheet of 8 Colombian Parks series 

SC C 615

2p 12 Mar 75 Unidentified Turtle Turtle in a painting by Roman Roncancio.

SC C 779

35p 24 Dec 87 Trachemys scripta ssp.