SC 811

Various 28 Dec 10 Emys orbicularis S/S of four stamps which, together w/ the margins and gutters, form a continuous forest scene. Each stamp has a different animal (butterfly, bird, otter and turtle). Stamps depict fauna of Sviati Hory National Park.

SC 811 d

2.00h 28 Dec 10 Emys orbicularis Individual stamp w/ turtle from SC Ukraine #811 - shows turtle on land, facing left. Writing on stamp is in the Cyrillic alphabet except for "Ukraina 2010" and the scientific name of the turtle, in extremely small print.

55 1994 Proganochelys sp. Large turtle o/p'd in black on a block of four old stamps from the Soviet Union. The old stamps that were o/p'd are Scott Russia #5726. Proganochelys is an extinct genus from the Triassic. The image in the o/p is taken from an illustration by a Czech artist named Burian.