SC 1215

$5.00 23 Apr 99 Unidentified Sea Turtle One stamp w/ turtle and whale and other sea creatures. Stamp inscribed "Fauna de la Selva Peruana".

SC 1307

5.80s 13 Mar 02 Stylized Turtle Design Stamp divided into four quadrants, each w/ an abstract design. Design in lower right quadrant is a stylized turtle. Stamp erroneously inscribed "2001". Issued for International Day of Indigenous People.

SC 1545

8.50s 16 Jan 07 Unident. Freshwater Turt. S/S of one stamp w/ skull of Purussaurus, an extinct crocodilian. Margin of sheet shows a large Purussaurus eating an unidentified turtle. Margin of sheet inscribed "Animales Prehistoricos Fosiles".

SC 1687

7.50s 04 May 09 Podocnemis expansa Block of four 7.50s stamps depicting four endangered animals. Turtle on one. Sheet inscribed "Animals in Danger of Extinction".

SC 1687 c

7.50s 04 May 09 Podocnemis expansa Individual stamp w/ turtle from Scott Peru #1687.

SC 1932

5.00s June 2017 Podocnemis unifilis Single stamp

SC 2054

4.00s  15 Nov 22  Chelonia mydas Stamp is misidentified.