Vietnam, Democratic Republic (North Vietnam) and Socialist Republic (post-1976)


SC 415

12xu 25 Feb 66 Pelodiscus sinensis The date "1965" appears on the stamp.

SC 416

12xu 25 Feb 66 Indotestudo elongata The date "1965" appears on the stamp.

SC 418

40xu 25 Feb 66 Eretmochelys imbricata The date "1965" appears on the stamp.

SC 790

12xu 25 Nov 75 Eretmochelys imbricata "Dermochelys coriacea" appears on the stamp, but this is obviously incorrect.

SC 793

30xu 25 Nov 75 Platysternon megacephalum

SC 1738

3d 20 Jan 87 Highly Stylized Turtle Strip of eight stamps depicting scenes from Vietnamese legends. All w/ denom of 3d. Strip exists perf and imperf. Turtle on one stamp.

SC 1738 d

3d 20 Jan 87 Highly Stylized Turtle Battle between Mountain Genie and Water Genie. Other human figures in background. Turtle is located near center of bottom margin. It has an orange shell and green head, neck and legs.

SC 1964

10d 01 May 89 Cuora trifasciata Stamp is inscribed "1988

SC 1965

10d 01 May 89 Geochelone elegans Stamp is inscribed "Testudo elegans" & "1988".

SC 1966

20d 01 May 89 Eretmochelys imbricata Stamp is inscribed "1988".

SC 1967

20d 01 May 89 Platysternon megacephalum Stamp is inscribed "1988".

SC 1968

30d 01 May 89 Dermochelys coriacea Stamp is inscribed "1988".

SC 1969

30d 01 May 89 Chelonia mydas Female w/ eggs. Stamp is inscribed "1988".

SC 1970

50d 01 May 89 Caretta caretta Stamp is inscribed "1988".

SC 1971

80d 01 May 89 Caretta caretta s/s w/ "Finland 88" at the top.

SC 2471

10000d 10 Jul 93 Stylized Turtle Stylized turtle on s/s of one stamp. Turtle in margin of sheet, not on stamp. Stylized bird standing on turtle's carapace.

SC 2855

400d 10 Oct 98 Stylized Turtle Turtle w/ sword in mouth, swimming in front of a boat full of people. Depicts scene from 15th century legend.

SC 3143

800d 15 Jul 02 Pelochelys bibroni Adult facing right.

SC 3144

2000d 15 Jul 02 Pelodiscus sinensis Adult facing left.

SC 3145

5000d 15 Jul 02 Palea steindachneri Adult facing right w/ head elevated and mouth open.

SC 3146

9000d 15 Jul 02 Trionyx cartilagineus Three-quarter view of adult facing front/left.

SC 3146 a

Various 15 Jul 02 Four Softshell Species S/S containing two each of Scott Viet Nam #3143-3146. Two additional turtles in lower margin of sheet. Lower margin of sheet inscribed "Rua mai mem".

SC 3414

8500d 15 May 11 Pyxidea mouhtii One individual on land facing 3/4 away from viewer. From set featuring animals in Ba Be National Park.

SC 3552

3000d 5 Aug 16 Puppet turtle Joint Vietnam-Thailand issue. Turtle on one stamp is legendary Golden Turtle.