SC 4093

10s 08 Oct 99 Testudo graeca Drawing of adult facing right.

SC 4094

18s 08 Oct 99 Emys orbicularis Drawing of adult facing left.

SC 4095

30s 08 Oct 99 Testudo hermanni Drawing of adult facing left.

SC 4096

60s 08 Oct 99 Mauremys caspica Drawing of adult facing left.

SC 4446

0.45s 06 Jul 07 Unidentified Tortoise Main design feature is a large plant but there is a small tortoise in the lower right corner of the stamp. The tortoise may be Testudo graeca.

SC 4481

Various 21 Jul 08 Mauremys caspica rivulata S/S of two stamps (one w/ wild canine & pups, the other w/ an eagle on a branch). Turtle in lower right corner of sheet. No turtles on stamps.

SC 4777 - SC 4780, SC 4781

Various 21 Oct 16 Testudo graeca Set of 4 spur-thighed tortoises. Also issued as S/s.

SC 4985

3l  23 Sep 21  Cartoon turtle  Jean de La Fontaine S/s. Turtle in selvedge.

18s 1999? See Description Postal stationery (light blue envelope) w/ one unidentified tortoise & one unidentified freshwater turtle in cachet. Imprinted stamp shows a hot air balloon & a post horn, but no turtle. An envelope w/ a cancelled stamp has a date of 08.10.1999 on the cancellation mark. It is unknown whether this is a FDC or not.

.65 s Apr 15 Trachemys scripta elegans M/s with dog on stamp, red slider in the selvedge. Perfs are simulated. Sheet footnoted by Scott