SC 1081

8pcts 10 Dec 01 Stylized Tortoise S/S w/ one stamp. Male figure sitting on ground, contemplating a tortoise, which is in selvedge of sheet. Tortoise is semi-realistic except that it has two small ears or horns.

SC 1203

2pcts 09 Oct 06 Stone Turtle S/S of eight hexagonal stamps, all w/ 2ptcs denom. Upper margin of sheet inscribed "I Ching" and "Pa Kua, w/ Roman numeral V in red circle in upper right corner. Turtle on one stamp only.

SC 1203 b

2pcts 09 Oct 06 Stone turtle Carved stone turtle at base of stone monument. Individual hexagonal stamp w/ turtle from Scott Macao #1203.

SC 1297

10.00p 29 Nov 09 Unident. Aquatic Turtles S/S of one stamp. Sheet shows students in front of school w/ fountain in foreground and four turtles in fountain. Issued for the 120th anniversary of the founding of the Pui Ching Escola Secondary School.

SC 1425

12.00p 09 Oct 14 Stylized turtle Luo Shu Magic Square. The turtle shows a magic square pattern of dots on its carapace.

SC 1614

4.50p  9 Oct 20  Eretmochelys imbricata  Block of 4 protected animals. Turtle on one stamp.  Block of 4  $4.25  $4.25

SC 1615

14.00p  9 Oct 20  Stylized turtle  Turtle in selvedge of Animal Protection m/s

SC 1699 b

2.50p  06 June 23 Dragon turtle  Single stamp from set of five auspicious animals of ancient China.

SC 1670

14p  06 June 23 Dragon turtle  M/s of five auspicious animals of ancient China. Turtle in selvedge